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     My name is Remo Loreto.  I'm a licensed Realtor and I'm proud to call Prodigy Properties my broker. 
I unabashedly live and work within the framework of Love, Trust, Honesty and Integrity and structure all of my Family, Friend and Business relationships with those thoughts only.  I'm am always honored to represent like minded people and do all that I can to help you and your family reach and even exceed your goals. 
     I take a strict fiduciary approach to working with my clients and I fully support and comply with the Realtors Code of Ethics.  I always advise every client that I work with exactly the same as I do my own family.  I will always do anything and everything that I possibly can to insure that every single person I work with at least reaches and preferably exceeds the goals that we establish when we begin working together. 
     I also have extensive experience on the financing side of real estate having spent ten years handling the REO's for one of the regions largest lenders as well as working as a consultant for a Real Estate Investment Bank.  As a flipping and financing consultant I guide new and experienced investors with their home flipping businesses and investment property financing.  I've lead countless "Lunch and Learn" seminars to educate realtor's and their clients on investment property financing options. 
     Whether you're buying, selling or financing, I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you if you share my philosophy.  I will never "sell" you anything, rather I will work as a facilitator to ensure that achieve what you trying to achieve and I'll do so with a total disregard with how it will impact me.
     I don't work with clients for my benefit, I work strictly for my clients' benefit.

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All information and links on this and associated pages are for reference only.  I strongly advise that you consult a Real Estate Attorney, Professional Title Company, Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Professional Contractors to help you make informed decisions on all of your real estate decisions.  I am not involved with or part of any decisions that you choose to make.